Thursday, October 23, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Sweet Gentle LadyBo

My first grown-up doggie was a purebred Samoyed named Lady Bojangles of Camelot.

"A hardy and eager worker, the Samoyed is known for black lips that curl slightly at the corners into the "Samoyed smile." Bright and alert, he likes to stay busy and enjoys participating in agility, herding, weight pulling, sledding, pack hiking, conformation shows and more! His heavy, weather resistant coat is suitable for very cold climates and should be pure white, white and biscuit, cream or biscuit."  American Kennel Club

Oh how I loved this special creature, and she was equally loyal to me. Don't you just love her "Samoyed Smile"? She and I, we went through some tough times and more than once she was sent away to my parents or to friends as I worked myself out of a most difficult marriage.

I'm sure this gypsy-life took a toll on my girl as her life was shorter than it should have been. But I'm pleased to say she spent her last years in the loving care of me and my forever husband Jim.

Diabetes (see note) took her eyesight, but not her heart. In the last year of her life she made her way about following bells carried by myself, Jim, or her best buddy Howard, the Old English Sheepdog. She never cried or whined a sniff. How brave she was.
In this image she was about 18 months old and dressed as a good witch for Halloween. That's me with her, so young and dumb, and so grateful to have her by my side. She's been gone for a very long time now, yet I miss her still.

A white lilac blooms on her grave each spring to remind me of her pure heart, loyalty, and true love. I'm thinking of you sweet gentle LadyBo on this very poignant Throwback Thursday.

Note: "Diabetes mellitus similar but not identical to human Type I (insulin deficiency): The disease occurs in middle-aged Samoyeds, the mean age at diagnosis is seven years. The cause is a chronic inflammation of the pancreas and / or autoimmune destruction of beta cells of islets of Langerhans. Moreover, in affected dogs autoantibodies were found to insulin. Currently, several genetic markers are discussed as possible causes." Wikipedia: Samoyed


  1. She was beautiful!

  2. Thank you limzkattitude (sorry for the delay I just saw this comment). I appreciate you stopping by!!!


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