Sunday, April 13, 2014

Easter Decorating with the KeepHerKitty

Yesterday I did some preliminary staging with Easter decorations for the dining room table. KeepHerKitty showed absolutely no interest in the project. Apparently that changed sometime in the night as I awoke to find tissue paper grass and decoupage eggs strewn throughout the dining room. Once I returned everything to its place she took an innocent pose!

Colors this year are purple, lilac, lavender, lime green and moss green. I used tissue paper with a lilac print to decoupage the ostrich-size egg and I'm pleased with the results from the glossy Mod Podge. The tissue paper flowers measure about 6-inches across and were fun to make. I've used left-over tissue paper cut about 1/4-inch wide to make the grass. So far the look is light and fresh.

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