Thursday, October 16, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Halloween 2013

 KeepHerKitty is a big fan of Halloween as long as it doesn't get too darn scary. If you have a cat you know that cats see things -- things us two-leggers cannot see -- scary things. Things so frightening a cat will scamper from a room with fear in their eyes and a kink in their tail, all at once, with nary a warning to those who cannot see.

So at our house we keep the witches, and the skeletons, and the zombies away in favor of a softer, friendlier Halloween. Here KeepHer poses with some of last year's table decor: glittered pumpkins, sparkling leafs, polished apples. Her little trick-or-treat bucket is at the ready to receive treats. Oh she does love her treats! I featured the stitching on the little bucket a few weeks ago on Throwback Thursday.

 Below is a collage of the 2013 Halloween Decor, as you can see soft and friendly. Even the little ghosts are smiling.

This little gobblin is one of the cutest things ever! I found the idea on Make it Fun with Floracraft website: Ghostly Centerpiece. I dolled this little spook up with a purple mesh hat adorned with ribbon, tiny roses, and a black feather just for fun.  KeepHer took great joy in batting about the little ball of fluff, I think she thought it her very own gobblin friend!

Some of these decorations will come out again this year: I plan to decorate for Halloween this weekend with some things new and some things old and no things scary. Until then, Happy Throwback Thursday everyone!

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