Thursday, October 30, 2014

Throwback Thursday: KeepHer's First Pumpkin

KHK: October 2007

At just over a year old in October 2007 KeepHerKitty was still infinitely curious about everything. Sadly, that interest has waned in favor of longer naps and the pursuit of feline human manipulation. (Yes, I'm her servant girl! And she is an Oscar winning manipulator. Cat people will understand this.)

Here she inspects her very first Halloween Pumpkin, to her it must have seemed to be just a big round catbird seat. Seven years later her calico markings are as sharp as ever and her white fur sparkles.

Tomorrow we shall decorate her 2014 Halloween pumpkin! 
This is the gourd in waiting.

  Last year we glittered her mini-pumpkin.
She was disappointed it was too small to be used for a roost.
 I'm going to suggest to her  we decorate with clever Silhouette cuts adhered with school glue for this year's original object d'art.
I'm concerned she may not let me get away with something simple.
Watch for the update tomorrow!

Happy Halloween-Eve Everyone!

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