Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Tissue Flowers: Spring Blossoms

To brighten our home during a long dark winter KeepHerKitty and I crafted tissue paper blossoms. They were fun to create and I found the fluffing and shaping of the paper enjoyable because exactness or precision were unnecessary. I used both zip ties and floral wire to bind the folded sheets and prefered the zip ties because they were easier to tighten. Using them did mean hot gluing a floral wire stem into the center crease rather than using the tightened wire.  The arrangement at left is large, about 40-inches tall and some of the blooms are as large as 12-inches diameter. KeepHer stayed with me for the entire project with a keen eye focused on the details!

To learn this craft I curated a large collection of images on my Pinterest board, Everlasting Paper Flowers. You will find some excellent tutorials from skilled crafters on this board.

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