Thursday, August 21, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Groovy the Sock Monkey

I've loved the idea of "Throwback Thursday" but have not acted upon it with my LivingAfterWLS Blog. The motto of LivingAfterWLS is "Stop for a moment, look where you are. You Have Arrived." So if we are looking and living in the moment how do you reminisce on Throwback Thursday?  And quite honestly, I'd rather NOT look back at my chubby days. I remember well enough how tired and unhealthy I was carrying so much extra weight. For me, pictures are superfluous to those recollections. And nobody needs to see that I had really really bad post-1980s hair. Oh My!

So here, on Crafting with KeepHer and Kaye I intend to Throwback Thursday with a craft or project from the past, not something I've done recently. In honor of my first CWK&K Throwback I introduce Groovy the Sock Monkey.  I crafted this soft sculpture buddy in Spring 2009 ordering the socks directly from Fox River Mills - the originator of the sock monkey.  The socks actually have directions on the label for making the iconic monkey and I followed their pattern.

We had recently thrown a theme party "Give Peace a Chance" with a 1970's hippie vibe, so that's how Groovy came to be attired in rainbow love complete with peace sign earring. In hindsight he looks like he may well be gender confused or at the least in dire need of a fashion makeover. But that would take away the groovy, now, would it not?  

Happy Throwback Thursday Groovy!

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