Monday, September 8, 2014

Paper Crafting: Shadow Box Summer

This is the open shelving on the hutch I inherited from my Grandmother Flo. The hutch is Federal style and has glass doors on the front with drawers below. I had Jim remove the glass doors and use the shelves for seasonal display as well as glassware storage. The display is in constant change from month to month and over the seasons and I love it. The paper pomander's carried over from the spring display as did the crepe flowers. I know my grandmother would like the way I use this family treasure for seasonal display.

The 3D SUMMER is credited to one of my favorite Silhouette Cameo designers, Marji Roy. Her biography reads "I am Marji Roy and probably just like you, someone that loves to create and apply creative solutions to everyday living. I blog about all facets of creative living over at and share my Silhouette Solutions with you here at the online store." She is also the author of a blog and website called 3D Cuts. You must explore her tutorials, they are some of the best I've ever seen in the world of craft blogging. Her helpful hints are genius and her instructions are precise. And the projects are positively inspired, just take a look at the 3D Sunflowers.

The Alphabet Shadow Box designs had me at hello. I love words and I bought the entire alphabet and numbers immediately from the Silhouette Online Store. Link here for Mrs. Roy's fabulous tutorial: Shadow Box Alphabet Tutorial. "This tutorial is for all files in the Alphabet Shadow Box series. The construction of each is identical. Each is built from 5 box layers and one background. The finished box is 5" square. Each letter can be used as an independent monogram or combined with other letters for initials or words."

This is a closer look at the S. I used standard card stock for the letters, prints from a coordinated stack for the backing and glitter card stock for the frames. Originally I made the frames with craft paper thinking it would evoke feelings of a sandy beach. But quite truthfully it evoked feelings of doldrums. The glitter frames are much happier.

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