Monday, September 1, 2014

In or Out? Quick Craft

KeepHerKitty is known to her home family as Big Shot Night Cat. Though she is a house cat she is still a cat and night prowling is her purpose.  A night sleep for her mom and dad servants never goes uninterrupted by her insistent and persistent plea for access to the night world. With two of us opening and closing doors for the little prowler it becomes confusing to which side of the door she abides at the moment. 
In hopes to resolve confusion in the darkness I crafted these simple IN/OUT door hangers to serve as prompts. So far the system is working.  The cuts are from my Silhouette Cameo Library files using scrap or stash papers and all purpose glue. Sarah Hurley is the designer of the cat silhouette and cat font.
PS: I filed this under Quick Craft, which is quite clever since the craft took less time to complete than it takes for KeepHerKitty to decide to go out whilst I hold the door open for her!

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