Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Autumn Roses in Burnt Orange Silk

This is a quick craft, an hour or less from start to finish.  I used faux "silk" roses from the dollar $tore to cover an 8-inch Styrofoam ball, except for the bottom that I pushed flat against the table to allow it to rest evenly without a vase or structural support.  I used wire cutters to trim the stems to about 1.5-inches.  Then poked a lead hole in the Styrofoam with a bamboo skewer,  applied Elemer's school glue to the hole and inserted the bloom. Simple as that. I placed it on the top shelf of my crystal curio where it is illuminated and reflected in the back mirror.  A complimentary felt bunting trims the opening,  as seen in the reflection. 

And the autumnal decorating continues.  How Fun!

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