Thursday, December 11, 2014

Throwback Thursday: Oh Stamp!

Several years ago my friend Kim sent me custom postage stamps with a picture of my Old English Sheepdog featured. That is Howard on the .39 cent stamp and a quick check on Wikipedia shows that was the USPS First Class postage rate in 2006. I was charmed with such a clever way to share my beloved dog in an unexpected way.

So naturally, KeepHerKitty was granted her own stamp in 2007 with a face value of .41 cents and again in 2011 with an ethereal image of her amongst the Christmas baubles (shown at left), face value .44 cents. Charvie Dog was not to be left out and he smiles with interest on the .42 cent stamp in 2008. I think Charvie and KeepHer, in these images, look like brother and sister!

I hope those who have received mail from us with one of these adorable stamps have enjoyed receiving it as much as I enjoyed sending it.

Clockwise from top: KeepHerKitty 2011, Charvie 2008, Howard 2006, KeepHerKitty 2007.

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