Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Peace a Chance

Peace on Earth

A common sentiment this time of year.

A wishful unreachable dream when listening to news from around the world. But if we give up the dream what is left? For me and my family the wish for Peace on Earth begins at home. Early in the Christmas planning season I came across a few bloggers who captured the sentiment of Peace on Earth using a globe and those words. Some painted the globe entirely in chalkboard paint and hand scribed the words on the surface. Others crafted banners and bunting displaying them on unpainted globes in homage to the season.

We are fortunate to have a stunning world globe hand crafted by a lapidarist using semi-precious stones indigenous to the area to define nations and countries. Obviously it would not do to paint this likeness of Mother Earth, a precious artwork in it's own right. So I imitated the buntings and banners to make my own statement of Peace on Earth.

Normally the globe sits atop the poker table except when card games are in progress. So it seemed fitting to craft my peace bunting from used playing cards using the Silhouette electronic cutting machine. The letter tabs are cut from the face of red heart and red diamond cards and backed with black card stock. The tag for each letter is cut from the back of red Bicycle brand playing cards.

A small tag placed behind and between each letter tag is cut from the face cards from the same Bicycle deck. I used white yarn to string the tags on and then tied each tag in place with baker's twine. I like how the rich patterns from the face card tags contrasts with the opal oceans on the globe.

To secure the banner to the globe I used Scotch(R) Reusable Adhesive Tabs which will not leave a residue on the globe. After great discussion Jim and I agreed the simple word "PEACE" was statement enough without adding the preposition "on Earth."

Peace on Earth. Perhaps an unreachable dream, but what if we all were to give peace a chance, starting at home. Where might the dream take us?

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