Friday, November 21, 2014

The Great Turkey Invasion of 2014

It is officially Thanksgiving Week at our House:
The Turkeys Have Arrived!

In a Thanksgiving world full of chalkboard pumpkins, burlap napkin rings, and spiced pumpkin latte served from the bespoke beverage bar, the least urbane thing one could chose to adorn the banquet hall must most certainly be the honeycomb turkey. Long considered the silly (okay, tacky) table decoration of tasteless drug store shoppers, few bloggers and stylists are willing to let this crinkly-tissue bird of Thanksgiving past roost upon the table.

Call me tasteless. Call me tacky.
I love my honeycomb turkeys and I'm not ashamed to shout it to the world!
If my memory is correct these honeycomb turkeys are the first thing I ever purchased online from, of course, eBay! My flock of six beautiful birds has held a place of pride on my Thanksgiving table now for 18 years. I love pulling them from the storage bin, unfolding the tissue as the sound of crisp crinkling paper heralds their arrival and the advent of my most favorite holiday ever: Thanksgiving!
 The paper tabs that once secured the birds in open stance have long been broken, so I secure their full bloom with paperclips hidden in the folds. Look fast, they are only here for a week or maybe two. That makes their appearance ever so much sweeter.

Nostalgia at its finest: the Honeycomb Turkey.
It's hard to imagine why these honeycomb tissue birds are sadly extinct.

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