Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Details: Autumnal Pumpkin Pennant Pillow

Last week I showed you my Fun and Festive Autumnal throw pillow cover on this post:
 Here is another look at the 16x16-inch pillow cover:

The Details:
The felt applique is attached to a homemade denim pillow cover with an envelope closure in the back. I didn't even add buttons for the closure, just your basic envelope closure. I keep a modest inventory of felt on hand for those felt craft emergencies. Actually, I believe one can never have too much felt! I love the texture and how it lends itself to so many crafts be it sewing, gluing, cutting, and/or pinning.
My felt comes from Commonwealth Felt, a division of National Nonwovens. The felt is superior quality, made in the U.S.A., customer service is terrific and shipping is crazy fast.
Check them out online:

It may seem fastidious, but I developed an organizational system for my felt so I can easily create a color palette for a project, reorder a beloved color, and keep track of my inventory. Check out the 4x6" file cards with the product label and fabric swatch:
 On some swatches I've matched DMC embroidery thread to the felt, this also lends ease in planning a project.  On this particular project I used 12 different colors, some came from the scrap pile and with this system I was able to identify the felt type, color name, and product number. This would be most useful if additional material was needed to complete a project.

The pumpkin is done in FiestaFelt (100% acrylic) named "Orange" (I know - obviously right?!), with Loden Green FiestaFelt for the vine and Copper Canyon FiestaFelt for the stem. The background is Mellow Yellow in a 35%-Wool-65%-Rayon blend. I love this color and texture.
I used the same colors on all my autumnal felt adornments used throughout the kitchen-dining-living rooms to lend a cohesive theme throughout.

It would seem KeepHer Kitty approves as she enjoys the
Autumnal Pumpkin Pennant Pillow in her favorite chair!

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